Teaching assistants can be challenging to hire – the expertise and qualifications they require will vary from child to child, and no one solution or teaching assistant will be capable of helping every child in every situation.

That’s why Firefly Education has worked so hard to introduce families and schools to experienced, qualified professionals to assist children who have additional needs. We can work with any situation – no matter if the school hires the teaching assistant with the approval of the parents, or the parents hire the teaching assistant with the help of the school, Firefly Education will work to make sure that the solution is the optimal solution for your child.canstockphoto7493046

We pride ourselves in matching schools with only the best candidates to suit their needs and the needs of their children. That’s why all of our candidates have a DSB or CRB less than two years old or are currently undergoing the process of receiving one. They have references that are thoroughly followed up by us, and we meet all of them in person after they fill out an online application: in fact, many do not even make it to that stage, so rigorous is our selection process. This rigorous selection process ensures you will only meet with the best candidates and not waste your time with candidates who won’t work with your children optimally.

We are able to find:

  •     Classroom Teaching AssistantLearning Support Assistants
  •     One to one support- behavioural or academic
  •     Small group teaching assistants with additional certifications
  •     Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) tutors
  •     Medical Support Assistants