I have worked with Natalie since 2011 and found her to be an expert in Special Educational Needs, as well as an innovative professional who can get the best out of pupils, and command the confidence of parents. Her specific training and experience in a range of needs is invaluable to a school which prides itself on specialist knowledge and the quality of its staff.

Natalie has also used her network to assist in the recruitment of teachers and teaching assistants for Abingdon House School. She knows what Alpha Plus schools are looking for and takes time to learn about what the Head is looking for so that she can find the best match.

- Nick Rees
Headmaster of Abingdon House School, London (part of the Alpha Plus Group)

Firefly Education provides professional special educational needs teaching assistants and teachers to independent schools in the greater London area. We understand the importance of finding the best person with professional experience working with children with additional needs as well as the importance of flexibility and attitude in working with sometimes challenging children.

We pride ourselves in matching schools with only the best candidates to suit their needs.

All of our candidates have a DSB or CRB less than 2 years old or they are currently undergoing one. They have references followed up by us. We meet all of them in person after they fill out an online application, many do not even make it to this stage.
We are very selective so you will only meet with the best candidates and not waste your time.

We are able to find:

  • Classroom Teaching AssistantLearning Support Assistants
  • One to one support- behavioural or academic
  • Small group teaching assistants with additional certifications
  • Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) tutors
  • Medical Support Assistants
  • Special Education Teachers
  • SENCOs
  • Specialists such as Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapist.

We also have a school search service for parents so we are keen to meet with schools so we are able to suggest schools as options to parents.