Sometimes, it is not just tutoring that your child needs. Every child experiences different trials and tribulations as they grow and mature through the different phases of their lives. In each of these phases, sometimes they will need a little bit of help that is not, strictly speaking, part of a tutor’s area of expertise. To put it another way – they need a mentor, not a tutor.Jonas hopscotch

That’s why Firefly Education also offers services to help pair mentors with pupils so pupils can have access to someone who will help them through a particularly difficult phase in their childhood. Whether that involves moving to a completely different country for the first time, changing schools, or even moving from primary to secondary school, sometimes a mentor can be just what the child needs to help them achieve their potential.

Contact us today and let us find a mentor for your child. Our extensive network means we will be able to find a mentor that suits your child’s needs and unique situation and helps them maximize their potential!