Finding proper support for children can be difficult: every child is unique, and every situation is different. There is no one method or tutor that is appropriate for every child, and even within the confines of central London it can be quite a challenge to find a tutor or create a curriculum that is perfect for your child and their special needs.

Considering how difficult that problem is in London, the problem of finding such support for your child outside of London or even abroad can seem like an insurmountable challenge. At Firefly Education, we understand that given all the other difficulties and logistical challenges of moving abroad, most families do not have the time or the expertise to properly locate a tutor they can be confident of internationally.greece-2

That is why we have worked hard to find international tutors that can go with you no matter where your child may need to be. We can arrange for tutors to be in home with you, making sure that your child experiences no interruptions in their day-to-day life or continued learning curriculum.

If you are going abroad and need international support for your child, get in contact with us today and let us know what your requirements will be. We will work with you to develop a unique, flexible curriculum for you and your child that can include placing tutors with you as you go to your unique, new opportunities abroad. With Firefly Education, you can be sure that your child’s education is going to be the very best it can be, no matter if they are in London, in England, or anywhere across the world!