We recognize that our families have times where they need to get away, whether to the country or to an exotic locale. That’s why our tutors are available for holiday tutoring in London or to accompany you on your holiday to the country or abroad. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate life and social skills into the family life. Our tutors will work with your child on areas such as using money, travelling play skills, and table manners.LondonEye9201 copy

Your tutor will deliver lessons in your home, or, if needed, we can find a tutor who is able to travel with your family. We are able place tutors in homes internationally or on extended travel placements.

Remain secure in the knowledge that your child is getting the attention and tutelage he or she deserves, even when you’re not in London and away. Contact us today with your requirements and we will create a tailored syllabus for your child!