Assessment can be a scary word for many parents, but it does not have to be! At Firefly Education, we have dyslexia specialists who are equipped to handle assessments for your child to make sure that they get the proper assessment with the highest standard of quality and care. Our dyslexia specialists:

  • Are qualified teachers who are working and have worked with students of varying abilities.
  • Are aware of individual issues that affect literacy development and how to specifically address these.
  • Are using, or have used, a variety of best-practice teaching methods to help students succeed and can advise on many of these.                        
  • Will provide detailed feedback on each area of literacy development and will give you specific information for development.
  • Can offer additional services is offered that will set learning targets for your child which can be easily followed by any tutor

Additionally, we also offer access arrangement assessments. Some students may need additional time taking national academic tests or may need someone to scribe for them. Access arrangement assessments determine if students qualify for these accommodations, which may allow them to achieve their full potential on these national tests. 

It is important to note that just because your child has an assessment does not mean they will receive a diagnosis of dyslexia. Our thorough assessments cover a wide range of scenarios and diagnoses, and we will make sure to get your child the help they require to attain their full potential; for example, while literacy and maths aren’t everything, they are often seen as the cornerstone to any school’s curriculum. An Essential Skills Assessment dives deeper into literacy and maths attainment and gives you a clearer indicator of their child’s current ability in relation to other peers of their age.

No matter what area your child needs help in, an assessment of their difficulties and progress can help us create a teaching programme for a tutor to follow for your child to maximize their potential for success!